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Neon - Here to There



>>Review by a young jazz enthusiast


1. Tim Lapthorn The Bark and the Bite from “Seventh Sense” SRCD19-2 4:07

2. Paul Booth Andorra from “No Looking Back” SRCD20-2 7:11

3. Alec Dankworth El Levante from “Spanish Accents” SRCD22-2 6:50

4. Iain Ballamy’s Anorak The Worm from “More Jazz” SRCD22-2 4:13

5. Neon Sweets from “Here to There” SRCD23-2 6:59

6. Liam Noble Jitters from “Romance Among the Fishes” SRCD13-2 4:08

7. Kathleen Willison Tenderness from “Close to You” SRCD8-2 6:31

8. Martin Speake Smoke Gets in Your Eyes from “My Ideal” SRCD7-2 3:07

9. Chris Laurence Falling Grace from “New View” SRCD18-2 7:21

10. Mark Lockheart Tell Me Why from “Moving Air” SRCD14-2 2:23

11. Gwilym Simcock A Typical Affair from “Perception” SRCD24-2 8:17

12. Julian Arguelles Warm Winter Coat of Spruce from “Partita” SRCD17-2 3:26

13. Frank Harrison Trio Falling from “First Light” SRCD15-2 4:01

14. Nikki Iles Fly’s Dilemma from “Everything I Love” SRCD5-2 4:23

15. Julian Siegel Trio MAB from “Live at the Vortex” SRCD26-2 5:58


Tim Lapthorn The Bark and the Bite | Seventh Sense SRCD19-2
Tim Lapthorn piano, Arnie Somogyi bass, Stephen Keogh, drums

Seventh Sense puts the emphasis squarely back on the art of heartfelt improvisation and storytelling. The idea of the recording was to approach a number of new unrehearsed tunes with a clean slate and to see what happened. Most the tracks are first takes and there is virtually no editing, giving the music a very natural joyous feeling.

Paul Booth Andorra | No Looking Back SRCD20-2
Paul Booth saxes, alto flute, bass clarinet, melodica, piano, Stuart McCallum guitars Mike Gorman piano, Phil Donkin bass, Dave Smith drums

A child prodigy who turned professional at 15, Paul was quickly snapped up by the likes of rock legend Steve Winwood. Paul’s second album “No Looking Back” showcases Paul’s modern melodic sensibilities with intricate rhythms across a number of original compositions. The solid rhythm section underpins some frantic improvisation and there is a real sense of interplay.

Alec Dankworth El Levante | Spanish Accents SRCD22-2
Alec Dankworth double bass, Julian Arguelles saxes, Phil Robson guitars, Marc Miralta drums, cajón, palmas, darbuka, Chris Garrick violin, Jean-Pierre Rasle bagpipes, bells. Emily Dankworth vocal, Cleo Laine vocal.

Alec Dankworth’s long-standing love of all things Spanish provided the inspiration for this album. Metheny, Corea, even Rodrigo are reinvented alongside traditional folk songs and originals creating a wonderful and genuinely Spanish world. The album features the youngest singing member of the Dankworth dynasty – Emma as well as the great Cleo Laine. (Due for release summer 2008)

Iain Ballamy The Worm | Anorak – More Jazz SRCD 22-2

Iain Ballamy tenor saxophone and compositions, Gareth Williams piano, Orlando le Fleming double bass, Martin France drums
Iain says “Over the past 20 years my music has been described variously as ‘eclectic, contemporary and English’– certainly not as ‘retro, straight-ahead or in the American style’.. Although my true ‘jazz roots’ have never been too deeply concealed, some aficionados might argue that much of my past output is not strictly ‘jazz’. Who decides the criteria, Re-invention is in the true tradition of jazz – the forward momentum that has always kept the music evolving and sounding ‘of its own time’.”

Neon Sweets | Here to There SRCD23-2

Stan Sulzmann saxes and flutes, Jim Hart vibraphone and marimba, Gwilym Simcock grand piano and French horn

NEON is a new collaboration led by legendary UK saxophonist Stan Sulzmann featuring two of the hottest stars on the UK jazz scene, pianist Gwilym Simcock and vibraphonist Jim Hart. This is fresh, vibrant, exhilarating, uplifting, melodic music of the highest order played by three virtuosi. Voted “Gig of the Year 2007” in Jazzwise by Peter Quinn.

Liam Noble Jitters | Romance Among the Fishes SRCD13-2
Liam Noble piano, Phil Robson guitar, Drew Gress bass, Tom Rainey drums

Liam is a major voice in British jazz and one of the piano’s most original exponents. His long term musical partner Phil Robson features on this project which came out of a commission for Cheltenham Festival. The level of originality in the compositions is matched by the virtuosity of the playing throughout. No wonder after that first meeting Tom Rainey and Liam have become regular musical partners too.

Kathleen Willison Tenderness | Close to You SRCD8
Kathleen Willison vocals, Tim Whitehead tenor sax, Gwilym Simcock piano

Dave Gelly of the Observer has compared Kathleen Willison to a young Norma Winstone. Her debut album in a trio with the brilliant Tim Whitehead and remarkable Gwilym Simcock demonstrates the extraordinary strength of Kathleen’s musicianship and vocal skills. This is a beautiful album which once heard gets played again and again.

Martin Speake Smoke Gets in Your Eyes| My Ideal SRCD7-2
Martin Speake alto sax, Ethan Iverson piano

Recorded just before the launch of the first Bad Plus album, this lovely duo CD demonstrates Ethan’s fertile imagination and playfulness as a pianist which works as the perfect foil to Martin Speake’s delicate, haunting sax sound.

Chris Laurence Falling Grace | New View SRCD18
Chris Laurence bass, Frank Ricotti vibes, John Parricelli guitar, Martin France drums, Norma Winstone (vocals).

Chris Laurence has been the driving force behind many projects across all musical styles – classical, jazz, rock and film music. Despite his vast experience and huge reputation, Chris had never released an album under his own name. The compositions on the album are all by musicians Chris has worked with over the years including Steve Swallow, Joni Mitchell, John Surman and Kenny Wheeler. It has been described as superb, sophisticated and technically brilliant

Mark Lockheart Tell Me Why | Moving Air SRCD14-2
Mark Lockheart reeds, John Parricelli guitar, Dudley Phillips bass, Martin France drums

Moving Air is a fascinating and passionate statement featuring Mark's saxophone and bass clarinet playing in a number of instrumental combinations and textures, from a clarinet and drum duet to a jazz quartet and even a sax quintet. Carefully crafted compositions become vehicles for each musician’s improvisations, always keeping the music fresh and spontaneous. The compositions explore improvisation, texture and grooves and although coming from jazz, the music draws upon a wide range of influences including contemporary classical, folk and world.

Gwilym Simcock A Typical Affair | Perception SRCD24-2
Gwilym Simcock grand piano, Phil Donkin double bass, Martin France drums, Stan Sulzmann saxes, John Parricelli guitar, Ben Bryant percussion

Gwilym’s has received huge critical acclaim everywhere but Stuart Nicholson summed it up in this magazine: “It was only a matter of time before Gwilym Simcock’s debut album arrived, but fewer albums by a UK musician have ever been as eagerly awaited as this. Avoiding the debutants urge to shock and awe with an excess of musical bling this is a thoughtfully constructed, well executed album that has the kind of depth and meaning that makes you want to return to it again and again”. Stuart Nicholson, Jazzwise

Julian Arguelles Warm Winter Coat of Spruce | Partita SRCD17-2
Julian Argüelles saxophone, Michael Formanek bass, Tom Rainey drums

15 short pieces from a collaboration of one of the UK’s finest saxophonists and composers with a dream team of US improvisers.. Sophistication is evident at every level in pieces that swirl, wriggle, even hum, drawing on folk, Ornette Coleman style improvisation and even pastoral music.

Frank Harrison Trio Falling | First Light SRCD15
Frank Harrison piano, Aidan O’Donnell bass, Stephen Keogh drums

Frank displays an extraordinarily mature musicality for his age. His playing is original, thoughtful, delicate and imbued with texture and colour. It's very lack of over-exuberance and freneticism is a refreshing change. This is thought–provoking and intense.

Nikki Iles Fly’s Dilemma | Everything I Love SRCD5-2 Nikki Iles piano. Duncan Hopkins bass, Anthony Michelli drums

This album pays homage to some of the composers that have influenced Nikki’s playing and created her own unique style - guitarist John Abercrombie, songwriters George and Ira Gershwin and Cole Porter. Her renditions of the work of the great Bill Evans, and the hugely admired John Taylor demonstrate that she is capable of handling the material of her mentors with as much confidence and sensitivity as they themselves. The Guardian’s John Fordham rightly describes Nikki as “A formidable UK jazz presence”

Julian Siegel Trio MAB | Live at the Vortex SRCD26-2
Julian Siegel reeds, Greg Cohen bass, Joey Baron drums

Born out of a commission from Cheltenham Festival 2006, the immediate cohesion of the players inspired awesome improvisations and musical fireworks. The live album recorded over two packed nights at London’s Vortex Jazz Club will be out in the late Spring of 2008. "brimming with propulsive energy and irrepressible force” James MacGowan, Jazzwise

Review by Yann A

the album is great!
the best one I heard since artie fishel.
here is my review
I rate the album 10 out of 10
I wrote notes of the songs.
here they are
the bark and the bite is groovy and very good.
andorra is a song I am speachless about.
el levante is amazing.
its not a worm. it is a hit.
the sweet made me cry but now I am happy.
jitters is nice.
tenderness is soothing.
the song was great but smoke got in my eye.
what song is better than falling grace. 
tell me a good reason why these songs are not good.